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Seeking justice for you for more than 10 years

Williams & Santoni, LLP has been serving the greater Baltimore area since 2002. With more than 62 years of combined experience in the personal injury and consumer law fields, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the legal system and the passion to achieve a favorable outcome for your case. We are dedicated to helping you resolve your problems so you can move on with your life in a better position.

Rely on us to get you the best possible results

We represent plaintiffs who have been seriously injured or have fallen victim to unsavory business practices. Our Maryland firm offers:

  • Dynamic credentials — Before dedicating our practice to plaintiffs' rights, we spent over sixty years representing large insurance companies. Our knowledge of how defense lawyers operate allows us to effectively build a case in an effort to you the restitution you deserve.
  • A superior reputation Much of our business is based on referrals from fellow attorneys. We are often called upon by other lawyers, judges and community groups regarding personal injury and consumer law trial practice.
  • Client-focused representation We are committed to our clients’ needs and go the extra mile to ensure that your case is handled efficiently and passionately. We work around your schedule and prepare you for the courtroom to give you the confidence you need.

Handling all your personal injury and consumer practice needs

We have significant experience handling a variety of personal injury and consumer law issues. Whether you have been seriously injured in an accident or were the victim of a financial scam, we can work to help you recover and move on with your life. We are also experienced in dealing with class action lawsuits. We routinely deal with cases involving:

  • Personal injury
    • Premises liability and torts Premises liability and tort cases arise when an injury is suffered as a result of another’s negligent or reckless behavior.
    • Automobile accidents Being involved in a vehicle accident is both emotionally and financially taxing. We help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and lost wages.
    • Medical malpractice We handle serious medical malpractice cases involving catastrophic injuries resulting from various causes, such as a surgeon operating on the incorrect limb or body part or a healthcare professional administering the wrong medication.
    • Wrongful death Losing a loved one is a devastating experience. Our firm helps you determine if you have a wrongful death case, and we work hard to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable.
    • Nursing home injuries and adult daycare center injuries If you or someone you know has suffered serious nursing home injuries because of the negligence and inattention of nursing home or adult daycare center staff members, we work tirelessly to get justice and make sure the facility changes its practices.
  • Consumer law
    • “Lemon law” and auto warranty The financial ramifications of a faulty vehicle can be far-reaching and staggering. If your car breaks down or has mechanical issues, there are several avenues to explore, such as lemon laws and auto warranty laws.
    • Illegal finance practices Individuals and companies engaged in illegal finance practices can wreak havoc on your life. We help clients dealing with excessive government and broker’s fees,  mortgage and credit card fraud, and other financial matters.
    • Debt collection abuse Debt collection abuse can involve harassing phone calls at all hours, unlawful threats and offensive language. We help you enforce laws that are in place to protect you against illegal debt collection activities.
    • Home construction and repair issues If you have home construction and repair problems because of a disreputable contractor, we can help you recover your losses and continue living your dream.
    • Illegal telephone solicitation Illegal phone solicitation scams are rampant in today’s society. We are experienced in enforcing laws regarding automated calls.
  • Class action suits Class action lawsuits involve a large number of consumers who have been victims of illegal business practices. We have helped clients get rid of millions of dollars of debt they incurred through no fault of their own because of these misdeeds.

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Williams & Santoni, LLP serves clients throughout Maryland from our Towson office. We are located near public transportation and there is ample parking at our office. We offer flexible hours and meet with you around your schedule. Contact us online or by phone at 443.608.5681 to schedule an appointment.

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